DHFS Raises Awareness About Compostable Plastic Containers

September 16, 2016

Although they look like regular plastic, sandwich containers and parfait cups from DHFS aren’t recyclable — they’re compostable.

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UT Researchers Receive Grant to Explore Strange Wave Properties

September 8, 2016

UT researchers are taking the concept of one-way mirrors to the extreme by manipulating light waves to make objects invisible.

UT Cockrell School of Engineering professor Andrea Alu and his research team are working on exploring the properties of light and sound waves that could make technologies like cloaking and one-way soundproof walls possible.

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UT Research Institute Will Focus on Genetic Variation in Medicine

September 7, 2016

Next summer, a short-term UT research institute will teach scientists about the new field of precision medicine.

In May, a pop-up institute involving the Colleges of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts and the Dell Medical School will help researchers from diverse fields explore precision medicine, where treatment is customized for individual patients.

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Short-Term Research Institute Will Explore Digital Research Methods

August 30, 2016

At first glance, it would seem that computer scientists and humanities researchers live in different worlds.

Today, however, computers can help human researchers better study traditionally human subjects — such as linguistics, literature and archaeology — in a field known as digital humanities. During the summer of 2017, UT will host an interdisciplinary research institute called DH@UT aimed at training students in this new field.

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Interested Students Engage Better in Classes

August 26, 2016

Bad news for students who suffer through boring classes: New research has confirmed that students who are interested in course material are better able to engage in class.

The study, which was led by UT College of Education professor Erika Patall, confirms that interested students tend to work harder, pay more attention, and think more about strategies to remember the material. Continue reading