UT Senate Forum Discusses Issues with Teaching Assistants

April 12, 2015

This semester, various groups in the university are stepping up efforts to reform the graduate teaching assistant system, such as the College of Liberal Arts “TA Task Force,” a new GSA Bill of Rights, and most recently, a public forum held by UT Senate concerning TA issues.

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Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire

March 11, 2015

Through an old-looking wooden gate, normally-dressed crowds of normal people enter what seems like a different world, or at least a different era. Between the modern-looking patrons are people of all ages dressed in suits of armor, pirate outfits and all manner of odd medieval costumes. Outdated expressions such as “my lady” and “in sooth” are flung across the grounds between passersby, and merchants try to steal the attention of potential customers to their tents and booths of hand-crafted trinkets and period-style clothing.


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