Coal, Renewable Energy and Carbon Emissions in Texas

Forty-three percent of Americans want President Donald Trump to revive the coal industry and 64 percent think he can do it, according to the spring 2017 edition of the biannual University of Texas Energy Poll.

However, energy market experts believe coal isn’t coming back.

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The Value of a Tree: myTreeKeeper and Austin’s Urban Forest

Other than as hammock poles and hiding spots for the elusive albino squirrel, the nearly 5,000 trees on the UT main campus are useful for helping filter the air and keep buildings cool with shade, and a new interactive website can now show curious Longhorns an exact dollar amount for the benefits their favorite tree provides.


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Tropical fish move to stay cool

October 20, 2016

When ocean temperatures rise, tropical fish which struggled to adapt would rather pack up and move than adapt.

As climate change causes warmer ocean temperatures, temperature-sensitive coral reef fish tend to migrate to a cooler area if given the chance, according to a recent international study led by University of Copenhagen’s Adam Habary and supervised by UT Marine Science Institute postdoctoral fellow Jacob Johansen.

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