Livetweet: NASA JPL’s von Karman Lecture: Destination Europa

February 11, 2016

Recently, NASA has approved details for a multiple fly-by mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, to further study the icy world. Europa is a high-priority for exploration because it seems to have a vast saltwater ocean below an icy surface, warmed by seismic activity. This makes Europa a possible habitable world and the best candidate in our solar system for extraterrestrial life. In this installment of NASA JPL’s von Karman lecture series, Barry Goldstein and Robert Pappalardo present the scientific and mechanical details of their future Europa Mission.

View my livetweet of NASA JPL’s February von Karman Lecture, “Destination Europa,” on Storify

This project was part of J336F: Social Media Journalism during the spring of 2016.

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